France Telecom Mobile Satellite Communications is a fully-owned subsidiary of France Telecom. It provides global voice and data telecommunication services via satellite, offering a complete coverage of the earth and oceans.

The company markets three ranges of mobile satellite services: Inmarsat since 1982,  Globalstar since 2000 and  Thuraya and Iridium since 2001. It has a highly active distribution network abroad (100 distributors).

France Telecom Mobile Satellite Communications’ innovative solutions enable professionals and companies to communicate freely all over the world by telephone, e-mail, fax, telex and to exchange large data files (images, data bases, video, etc.) using compact, all-purpose terminals.

Its services are mainly used by professionals, especially by those who are far from their "base," operating in areas not serviced by terrestrial networks. The business clientele has a strong proportion of customers in the maritime industry (fishermen, skippers, commercial or cruise ship officers and crews) off-shore platform personnel, and among professionals on land: media, NGOs, security, construction, petroleum, transport and governments.