Inmarsat was the world's first global mobile satellite communications operator and is still the only one to offer a mature range of modern communications services to maritime, land-mobile, aeronautical and other users.

Inmarsat Ltd is a subsidiary of the Inmarsat Ventures plc holding company. It operates a constellation of geostationary satellites designed to extend phone, fax and data communications all over the world. The constellation comprises five third-generation satellites backed up by four earlier spacecraft.
The satellites are controlled from Inmarsat's headquarters in London. Inmarsat has regional offices in Dubai, Singapore and India.
Today's Inmarsat system is used by independent service providers to offer a range of voice and multimedia communications. Users include ship owners and managers, journalists and broadcasters, health and disaster-relief workers, land transport fleet operators, airlines, airline passengers and air traffic controllers, government workers, national emergency and civil defence agencies, and peacekeeping forces.